Now that vac passports are sprouting everywhere, we should revisit this column.

#1: lack of standard is already causing issues for tourists. Fir example, Canadians are being denied access to restaurants in Greece.

#2: we know a lot more now and along with the vac passports, (smart) countries are also requiring masks.

#3: one of the reasons for mandating vac passports is to annoy those who refuse to be vaccinated.

#4: we're passed that now

#5: in Quebec the vac passport only states that the carrier has been vaccinated and when. I suspect it's the same elsewhere

#6: in Quebec, a picture ID is required along with the passport. I also heard that a device will be available to establishments to check on the validity of the passport.

#7: in Quebec, vac passports can be printed

#8: see #2

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No real explanation on verification. Why do we trust the "World Economic Forum" to hand out privilege? Would make more sense in July when more ordinary people have access to vaccine.

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