Why Mike is always traveling

I’m a digital nomad, which means that — thanks to mobile devices and the internet — I’m able to make a living from just about anywhere. My wife, Amira, and I have been living nomadically since 2006, with the exception of two years living in Petaluma, California (I worked at the host of Tech News Today for the TWiT network.)

Because I can work from anywhere, I choose to spend most of my time in other countries.

Much of that time is spent in Europe, Latin America and Morocco, because Amira hosts what we call Gastronomad Experiences — food and wine explorations in specific locations where we have a lot of friends and foodie connections. (I also wrote a book called Gastronomad, which is a how-to book about living nomadically.)

The bottom line is: I’m always traveling because I can. : )